Energy Service

Here at Blue, we are committed to deliver excellent service for every business line. Our team of experts provide not only the best engineering work and design, as accordingly to the highest applicable renewable energy system standards.


Optimize your energy savings through consultancy in Energy audit and management assistance.
As a team of certified energy consultants with continuously expandable skills that range from conducting energy audit to designing renewable energy system, we are fully equipped to help you discover untapped savings and avoid loss through energy audit, feasibility studies and detailed engineering design prior to construction.
Invest worry free with the help of clear estimation of how much energy your facility can generate.
Our experienced team of certified experts only choose the best quality of items, materials as well as components that we sure are accompanied with reliable warranty. With every design made, you have less worry taken off of your shoulder.
BLUE is certified by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to provide thorough consultancy and renewable energy systems design.
This certification ensures that we keep the highest standards in delivering our energy audits, feasibility studies, engineering designs and construction works.


Help us help you. Tell us about your desired systems, the type of facility you have (building, housing, factory, etc) and why you decided to have a PV system installed on your facility.

Once we understand what you need, we will offer several options of energy system design solutions to choose from. We will help you understand what each solution would offer you, such as how much you can save, amount of energy that can be generated, as well as the sustainability of each design.

You will have the best experience, guided by a team of reliable and transparent energy experts, once the job is done, you will have a new system installed at your facility and a long list of benefits you will get afterwards.